Smart Growth Advantage℠ Plans

FGD Law comprises a highly-experienced team that is ready to provide growth companies with all of the essential legal strategies and transactional business support that may be required as you invent, scale, grow, and exit.

FGD Law has positioned itself to be on the forefront of the new era for delivering legal services to businesses. We, like the businesses we represent, must have the creativity and foresight to not only lead market trends but also, form them. It is with this charge in mind that we created Smart Growth Advantage – flat rate subscription plans for legal services. The plans offered under Smart Growth Advantage are designed for businesses at various stages of growth all with the intent of providing the ability to fix the costs for legal services based on their needs without the fear of receiving unknown, costly, invoices each month. As a benefit to some subscribers, FGD will also offer a 10% discount off of fees charged outside of your respective plan. FGD Law attorneys understand the pressures of running a business are a daily challenge and the unknown costs of legal services should not contribute to that challenge. Please review each of the Smart Growth Advantage plans FGD Law offers below and select one that best fits your needs.

Service Solopreneur Collective Navigator Trailblazer C-Suite
Quick Consult 2/mth 4/mth 6/mth 8/mth 10/mth
Conference 1/mth 2/mth 4/mth 6/mth 8/mth
Business Brief 1/qrtr 1/mth
Annual Report
Contract Review 1/yr 2/yr 4/yr 6/yr 8/yr
Make Your Mark 1/yr 2/yr 3/yr
10% Discount
Conference Combine
Annual Meeting
NDA/CDA Review 2/yr Unlimited Unlimited

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