Most businesses and business relationships are stretched in various ways throughout their evolution and every leader hopes for steady forward movement without major disputes to disrupt focus, or even threaten business continuity. The same is true for individuals and the web of personal entanglements that sometimes ensue.


FGD Law offers a team of seasoned litigators who collaborate with you to develop a strategy for managing your dispute to the most desired outcome. We leverage all the appropriate and advantageous options that fit with your intentions and protect the integrity of your business or personal interests.


Our experience includes the successful prosecution of several precedent-setting cases and reported decisions for plaintiffs and defendants in several industries from medical, accounting, legal, architectural and engineering.

Highlights Include:

  • A $7 million product liability case successfully defended and resulting in no payment by our client

  • Lender liability claims resulting in jury verdicts for our clients of $2 million and $3 million

  • A $4.5 million verdict and subsequent settlement of claims for our client regarding a building design defect

  • A $2 million settlement over failure to design and deliver manufacturing equipment

  • A $1.3 million settlement after trial concerning lease rights

  • Environmental cases up through the U.S. Supreme Court; major construction and real estate claims disputes over insurance coverage

  • Technology law cases involving the recovery of clients’ proprietary and industry-leading software innovations as well as the successful return of other IP (trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and technology developments)

  • Civil rights cases including a leading sexual harassment case

  • Fraud cases along with IP non-compete and employment disputes

  • Successful settlements and trials in family business disputes

  • Leading divorce cases involving asset distributions and fraud plus a leading legal malpractice case in a divorce

An Integrated Strategy

The FGD team is ready to assist you with general business and commercial problems, contract disputes and the recovery of business damages or losses. We have represented individuals and an array of organizations in state and federal courts throughout the Massachusetts and Maine, and in jurisdictions across the U.S.


Our client work involves matters to do with:

  • IP protection – including trade secrets
  • General and product liability
  • Technology law
  • Environmental and construction disputes
  • Partnerships and closely-held corporate problems
  • General tort or personal injury claims
  • Business
  • Employment and civil rights disputes
  • Family law

FGD team members also offer assistance in choosing additional counsel in multiple jurisdictions, regulating costs and rates, preparing experts or executives, and producing complex documents. We also provide second or independent reviews of disputes similar to those conducted by jury consultants, in a due diligence review or during compliance audits.

Sensitive to the Dynamics in Family Enterprises and Private Partnerships

Individuals invested together in a family enterprise or small partnership operate with unique organizational characteristics in which personal and business dynamics often intertwine.


At times they cannot resolve their differences and those disputes result in litigation. FGD Law has represented family members who have sued, and who have been sued, in such situations.


Our team offers expertise in partnership, estate and family disputes that enables a prompt and fair resolution for all parties. We have been involved in full litigation through trial or settlement as well as mediation and ADR mechanisms in addition to facilitating negotiations. Often, following some litigation, the parties can agree on a new management structure and a constructive path to move forward successfully.

Experts in Navigating the Best Path to Favorable Resolution

For many years, FGD litigators have been proponents of advocacy and persuasion techniques for negotiation, mediation, ADR and settlement options versus litigation and trial.


Increasingly, alternatives to formal litigation can produce the most cost-effective route to a resolution. ADR is particularly suitable for foreign corporations doing business in the U.S., self-insured entities, insurers and high litigation-risk businesses.


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