A Pathway Where Potentially Everyone Can Win

Growing and sustaining a successful business is far more of a dynamic endeavor than during any other time in history, especially with globalization and our virtual marketplace.


As a result, relationships between people inside and outside of the work environment are increasingly complex. Given the hyper-competitiveness of our world, more individuals and organizations are turning to legal counsel to resolve a range of disputes that a generation ago would be addressed less formally.


While litigation may be the best route to formal resolution of large, multidimensional disputes – especially when significant sums are at play – it is rarely an efficient process. It can be disproportionately expensive, time consuming, emotionally draining and unpredictable.


Indeed, the overall negative fallout from any outcome can often weigh more heavily on both parties than the initial dispute. Moreover, litigation outcomes are never guaranteed, no matter how confident you are in your position. Given this negative fallout and uncertainty, ADR is an attractive alternative to litigation.

FGD Law works with both individuals and organizations to successfully resolve the full range of disputes through alternative means that avoid the expensive litigation. These include: