A different landscape in which most companies are competing has shifted the role of corporate counsels and expanded the portfolio of concerns that are now filtered through the domain of legal departments.


With a next generation of employees moving in, human capital issues are becoming more dynamic. Meanwhile, a globalized supply chain has redefined what constitutes risk from concerns over disruptions to business continuity or enhanced sourcing standards under the watch of regulatory scrutiny.


The scope and nature of business issues and other matters that must now filter through the most minimal review of internal legal counsel and their teams has ballooned. Corporate counsels are under considerable pressure concerning budgets and outcomes.


As a result, corporate counsels and an organization’s broader leadership are increasingly seeking new ways of relating to their outsourced trusted advisors. They require interactions within a circle of influence and decision-making where the trusted legal advisor contributes specialized expertise as part of a greater understanding of the client’s operational and strategic business imperatives.

Fostering Trust, Predictability and Accountability

FGD Law was one of the first to recognize, and respond to, the changes in how clients prefer to engage with their legal advisors. We interact with you and your leadership team in a manner that fosters trust, predictability and accountability.


By configuring our resources as a seamless extension of your own, we render real-time solutions to your business issues as they unfold – avoiding the escalation that can disrupt your focus. Our team thrives on cost-efficient, high-quality service to deliver exceptional value from a deep understanding of your business and its operational context.


Our integrated service model provides end-to-end specialized resources to support the full complement of corporate legal needs, including matters to do with:


  • Entity formation
  • Intellectual property
  • Corporate management
  • Commercial transactions
  • Business and individual taxation
  • Private financings and investment funds
  • Alternative investment representation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Litigation
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Regulatory law
  • Commercial real estate
  • Wills, trusts and estate planning

FGD team members offer extensive experience at every stage of the developmental journey, from guiding executive leadership teams or business owners in setting up a corporation or entity, managing the initial actions and ongoing entity maintenance to developing a funding strategy and executing the plan to closure.


FGD Law also provides advice and representation – including negotiation – on matters to do with commercial leases and real estate acquisitions or sales, the purchasing of other businesses, selling a business, and navigating the complex tax issues that are core to these transactions.


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