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Privately-Held & Family Enterprises

Today’s family enterprises are the most common form of business entity in the world.

An economic venture of shared ownership and commitment, they are in essence dynamic ‘eco systems’ that comprise a portfolio of complex hard and soft assets. These may include operating entities or businesses with intellectual property, real estate and stock portfolios to trusts, foundations and endowments.

Present in every sector and geography of the global economy, these ‘eco systems’ have complex ownership, management and family configurations that require specialized knowledge and expert skills in order to effectively guide them along their developmental journey.

FGD Law has a long history of successful relationships with a range of privately-held businesses and family enterprises, most of which are small to mid-sized entities.

Among the challenges these enterprises are currently confronting is the successful managing of the personal familial along with the organizational dilemmas.

As next-generation family members seek to establish their leadership credibility and authority, they are striving to remain respectful to the legacy of their forbears. Meanwhile, senior leaders struggle with mentoring and the process of letting-go. Boards are increasingly debating the advantages of recruiting non-family members for leadership to find the right talent.

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FGD Law is prepared to guide privately-held and family enterprises in the effective response and management of any number of key operating matters, such as:

  • Succession planning
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Private financings and investment funds
  • Securities
  • Banking relationships
  • Estates and trusts
  • Insurance
  • Governance structures and compliance
  • Board of director obligations and shareholder rights
  • Family law

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