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With our firm’s commitment to the environmental industry in New England, FGD Law has always had an affinity for companies advancing market developments in energy and clean technology within a region widely recognized for its proactive public policies and favorable economic climate.

Our team members offer an integrated portfolio of strategy, commercialization and legal guidance services to suit the unique requirements of early stage and smart growth companies in this sector.

Their issues range from conventional natural resources law to intellectual property and advanced materials – including matters related to the potential conflicts surrounding the placement of their technology. The business focus may revolve around developments in renewable energy, pollution control and the battle against climate change or the protection of natural resources and the creation of green jobs.

FGD Law clients are operating within one of four principle economic subsets: energy, water, materials or transportation. Their product and service categories may include: Energy Generation, Energy Storage, Energy Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency, Transportation, Water and Wastewater, Air and Environment, Materials, Manufacturing and Industrial, Agriculture, Recycling and Waste.

In addition to our core legal services, we also assist with matters to do with:

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