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Inventing a product or developing a breakthrough technology is risky business. The sacrifice and commitment to bringing an innovation to life is significant. If you are successful, the rewards are great and can be limitless.

FGD Law was founded nearly a decade ago out of a deep affinity for those who dare to make a real contribution to a vision of the future. With many of our team members having long involvement in private equity, venture funding and other start-up circles, we understand at gut level what is required to invent, scale, grow, compete and exit.

Most new companies starting out have little to leverage and no bargaining power. It is critical that the leadership remain vigilant about protecting the bottom line. For innovators, that starts and ends with their intellectual property.

This is where FGD Law makes all the difference for early stage and growth companies.

FGD Law recognizes the criticality of all your business assets. We develop protection management strategies to ensure that the value of all your assets grows proportionately with the scaling of your enterprise.

With our own network of venture firms and other sources of capital as well as partnerships with patent specialists, valuation and accounting experts, we guide you to the best options for securing, protecting and maturing your assets throughout the developmental journey.

Addressing Key Issues Head On

Many early stage or even mature innovation companies outsource various aspects of their IP development. What many business leaders fail to do however is properly scrutinize that resource and diligently manage the contractual agreements.

If all of the potential variables or contingencies are not accounted for in solid agreements from the onset, unanticipated issues could trigger costly litigation as the result of a resource failing to meet expectations.

Too often, clients can fail to patent their processes and formulas, holding them only by trade secret. FGD team members are masters of trade secret licensing and protection – especially regarding software and general IT, copyright and patent issues. We understand the technical nuances at the intersection of your underlying assets and your growth imperatives.

As your committed advocate, we immerse ourselves in your business, provide reliable decision support that’s grounded in analysis and proper documentation, and help you anticipate all of the issues that may arise so you are prepared for any uncertainties.

Early Stage and Growth Companies: What We Offer

Entity Formation
With the initiation of a new business, FGD Law can guide you through the important early steps of whether to run and structure it as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability or corporation and then determine the appropriate jurisdiction. Our team can also help you navigate the most viable options for your situation regarding attracting investors and planning for future funding as your grow. We also counsel and support non-profits in seeking an IRC 501(c)3 determination letter.

Corporate Governance
The FGD team offers new business owners extensive experience in the range of complex structures, processes and compliance requirements for effective governance. Our collaborative approach can meet your needs as a fully outsourced provider or an internal of-counsel resource – from employment issues, board of director obligations and shareholder voting rights to taxation of income, and day-to-day operations.

Commercial Transactions
Contracting should never be executed without the assurance of reliable legal counsel. Our team supports the full range of transactions likely to occur during the developmental journey – from licensing, manufacturing, distribution and sales agreements to vendor relationships, leasing or real estate acquisitions.

Business Tax
FGD Law is particularly experienced in the range of tax matters that both individuals and businesses encounter – especially transaction structures and their correlating tax consequences. We are experts at preparing and understanding complex tax returns, managing audits, and providing effective representation in federal or state administrative hearings and court proceedings.


Financing Guidance – including Venture Capital and Secondary Offerings
Intellectual Property
Strategic Alliances

How May We Help?

FGD Law is a team of legal and other professionals, many with large marquee firm backgrounds, who provide accessible, responsive and multidisciplinary services aligned with the needs of today’s innovation-driven, smart growth organizations.

We’re the firm you turn to for your legal solutions at every stage of the developmental journey as you invent, scale, grow, compete and exit.

With decades of wide-ranging industry and business experience combined with specialized advanced education, our team applies insights into the essential legal, regulatory and competitive dynamics that organizations and their leaders depend upon for confident decision-making.

FGD Law team members are accomplished authors and widely-regarded analysts whose scholarship on such case law involving product liability, indemnity and other issues has been cited by State Supreme and State Appellate judges and courts, attorneys and law professors.

FGD members have successfully prosecuted many precedent-setting cases and reported decisions for plaintiffs and defendants in industries from medical and accounting to architectural and engineering. They have also been invited to conduct guest lectures on numerous occasions at such institutions as the MIT Enterprise Forum, the MIT Startup Clinic and other MIT-based organizations.

A Collaborative, Interactive Service Model

Originally formed to offer early stage and emerging growth companies with strategic business and legal guidance, FGD Law has evolved over the years to become successful for a wide array of organizations in size and operational context throughout New England:

Our collaborative, interactive service model often has clients feeling as if they have retained personal counsel. From this attentive approach, grounded in robust analysis, we produce practical, customized solutions that deliver to clients immediate operational enhancements.

Understanding How Your Needs Have Changed

As a specialized entrepreneurial firm, FGD Law was one of the first to recognize, and respond to, the changes in how clients prefer to engage with their legal trusted advisors.

A majority of our team members have spent time as a senior partner or associate at large marquee firms. We understand how hierarchical models can subject clients to overblown fees for work that is often rendered by junior associates within a service relationship that can be ill-equipped for rapid response and interactive problem solving.

As more clients experience challenges from globalization and the volatility that arises out of economic and political uncertainty – a complex web of issues confronts organization leaders, requiring their legal advisors to be ever more efficient, transparent and accountable.

Law firms are now expected to bring greater context to a client’s issues portfolio – whether it involves risk management, finance and accounting or business development, operations, regulatory affairs and the supply chain.

FGD Law interacts with you and your leadership teams in a manner that fosters trust, predictability and accountability. We configure our resources as a seamless extension of your own, rendering real-time solutions to your business issues as they unfold – avoiding the escalation that can disrupt your focus.

Our team thrives on cost-efficient, high-quality service to deliver exceptional value from a deep understanding of your business and its operational context.