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The current environment for the health food, beverage and nutritional products industry – particularly its advertising, marketing and labeling sub-set – requires manufacturers and distributors to be vigilant about changing regulations and pro-actively align with labeling and advertising standards ahead of rigorous FDA or FTC scrutiny.

As one of a few firms specializing in this area, FGD Law offers product innovators a unique combination of expertise and capabilities as they grow into the unchartered terrain of this new frontier.

Our client experience in the clinical and science sectors combines with the advanced education in health policy of FGD team members to offer companies clarity where it has historically been difficult to acquire.

In addition, we have collaborated on behalf of clients with the largest dedicated food and drug law firm in the U.S. (Hyman, Phelps & McNamara in Washington, DC).

Over the years, our guidance has been applied to clients seeking to market items such as jams, breads, seafood, ice cream, healthy snacks and nutritional supplements.

The FGD Team identifies key market trends and developments, along with their correlating issues, early in the cycle before they become factors of concern. This is particularly valuable when litigation is being seeded and innovators need to head off consumer or competitor actions against advertising, packaging or labeling claims.

Many companies inadvertently take on unnecessary risk and expose themselves to potential suits because they fail to heed the market signals emanating from controversial issues, such as the wide-spread concern for allergen-related ingredients.

Our team conducts the necessary due diligence that can reduce the inherent risks and liabilities of third-party relationships in your supply chain.

In addition to our core legal services, we also assist with:

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