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The current climate is very dynamic for biotechnology companies. Breakthrough discoveries in the treatment of diseases are opening up pathways of new market growth and gains in stockholder value.

The sales and earnings potential of a newly introduced commercial drug or treatment can remain positive for years as patented products have a twelve-year protection period that holds off competition from generics.

Despite the encouraging upside, there are inherent challenges to operating within this sector. Biotechnology firms are research-intensive and their product pipelines are capital intensive. Recently, biotechnology stocks have come under more scrutiny due to high valuations and concerns over drug prices. Some policy makers are proposing new rules that would require companies to dedicate a set portion of their revenue to research and development.

Since funding remains a perpetual issue, it is critical that biotech leaders secure a team of expert trusted advisors to guide them along the many pathways to commercialization – from financial sources and research partnerships to regulatory compliance and go-to-market strategies.

For years, FGD Law has served the full array of biotechnology innovators – from those in the medical and agricultural to environmental and industrial sectors. Since we also work with traditional medical device and technology innovators, we understand how these two universes differ.

The same applies to our correlating history of client relationships in the global life sciences sector, where many companies continue to strengthen their resilience and reinvent themselves. They are now embarking upon R&D initiatives, and business models, that more cost-effectively drive innovation, deliver value and achieve improved patient outcomes.

In the near term, life sciences companies face both global and market-specific challenges. These emanate from an aging population, rising incidences of chronic disease, new discoveries for products and advances in technology.

All of these factors must be managed within a backdrop of accelerating health care reform, greater demand for value delivery and a micro-targeted competitive context.

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