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FGD Law helps innovative business leaders protect and leverage their intangible assets in commerce with a range of options that best suit their current stage along the developmental journey. Such assets may include:

A business or brand name
Artistic works
Software code
Business processes or methodologies
Client lists

With our deep history and resources in accounting and financing, we can help you determine the types of intellectual property your business creates, owns and utilizes – and then identify revenue streams that entail strategically licensing that IP and your portfolio both domestically and abroad.

There are a number of IP protection management options to consider:

Trademark Protection

At the launch of a new business, due diligence is required to take into account the name you want to do business under and the appropriate jurisdiction and field in which you want to operate – including on a federal level. FGD Law can guide you through various branding strategies, such as minimizing your exposure to infringements and attaining the scope of appropriate trademark protection. We offer a flat-fee option for trademark work that includes preparing and prosecuting an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Our team is also highly experienced in sound trademark defense and prosecution.

Trade Secret Protection

Some businesses have particular practices that are unique but not necessarily (affordably) protectable. These may be trade secrets. This type of information is only protectable as long as it remains a secret and must have value based on its secrecy and any reasonable efforts to maintain that secrecy. FGD Law can help you consider appropriate best practices for trade secret protection as well as for protecting your company assets and proprietary intelligence.

Copyright Protection

Creators and authors benefit from understanding how copyright law affects their ownership and rights regarding their works. For business owners, it helps when hiring independent contractors to design or contribute works (such as logos, software code, etc.). Understanding what rights are granted to the author of a copyrighted work, the benefits of registration, and how doctrines like “fair use” and “work for hire” impact the ability and intentions to use or leverage a work in commerce is pivotal. The FGD team counsels all parties involved in such rights – from creators, licensors and licensees to those wishing to acquire ownership rights in works they have “commissioned.”

Intellectual Property Licensing

In all cases, licensing out your IP that may be in your technology and that is protected by a patent – or other similar strategies – may provide you with needed cash for new initiatives. In addition, licensing IP from another entity may increase the value of a company and its overall assets.

Contract Strategies

Ideas and some other intangible assets are not generally protected under state and federal laws. FGD Law provides guidance on the utilization of contracts in this case, such as Assignment of Invention, Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements. These documents protect ideas and assets that you may share with third parties in pitches, employment relationships or transactions.

Fostering the Creative Sector Economy

FGD Law supports the legal needs of innovators who operate in the creative economy – offering entertainment law, fashion law and technology protection services.

We help fashion and jewelry designers protect their works, understand copyright and trademark laws, and manage their businesses throughout their developmental journey. Our team also works with authors, musicians, television-movie producers, and artists to draft and negotiate workable contracts that protect their interests while conducting business.

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