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Regardless of where you may be along the developmental journey, either at the early stage or at a more mature juncture as a smart growth company, the effective management of all of your assets is critical to sustaining the competitive viability of your enterprise.

Indeed, smart asset strategies can play a pivotal role in your ability to leverage various options as you scale, grow, compete and prepare for exit.

Since real estate assets are tangible, unlike most traditional investments, they require highly specialized skill sets, broad platform capabilities, experienced professionals and the dedicated resources to focus on maximizing a return on investment.

A successful strategy will involve capturing the full property value and investment returns by employing any number of options – from reducing expenditures and securing the most consistent, highest sources of revenue to mitigating any potential liability and risk depending on the nature of the asset.

FGD Law has extensive experience guiding clients – individuals and businesses – in the array of legal matters pertaining to the effective management of their real estate assets. We can guide you through the complex legal and tax rules governing investment property as well as provide negotiation facilitation, analysis of leasing options and other appropriate integration strategies to strengthen your overall portfolio.

Our team offers a range of legal services particular to real estate and construction matters, including:

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