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All organizations regardless of their industry, competitive context, operational jurisdiction or stage of development are being drawn into the myriad of information technology (IT) management challenges and risks inherent with virtual commerce as it becomes more remote and mobile-based.

Legal and policy concerns around IT management are now a top strategic priority of most companies.

The terms and conditions under which IT products and services are provided – as well as the security, disposition and appropriate use of systems and information each require – has everyone looking at the legal implications routinely.

FGD Law works with clients at the critical intersections between invention, information, people, process and technology. We can help you craft effective strategies, policies and responses that address any of the legally significant issues in your IT, including ones that are unique to your industry context.

Many of our team members have expertise in a range of legislative currents, judicial decisions, rulemaking and other related events that impact the adoption and execution of IT business models and business decision-making involving IT ventures, enterprise management and corporate governance.

In addition to our core legal services, we also assist in matters to do with:

  • Information based assets
  • IT ventures
  • Contracting IT outsourcing and online activity – including offshore
  • Government regulation and jurisdiction over Internet-based activity
  • Protection of databases and privacy rights
  • Evidentiary aspects of stored information
  • Ecommerce taxation
  • Intellectual Property – including cyber security concerns
  • Financial services and pharmaceutical industry concerns – Gramm-Leach-Bliley; HIPAA; EU Safe Harbor

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